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Posted by Rodent Solutions on 02/04/2016

Wildlife Trapping


Licensed Florida Wildlife Trapper

Living in Florida you know that wildlife is everywhere and it’s more so a matter of when than if these critters are going to become a nuisance in your home / business.  When these unwanted rodents invade your property you should not take matters into your own hands.  Not only are there specific laws against trapping in Florida, some of these animals harbor diseases and can become extremely aggressive if they feel threatened.  Rather than risk getting hurt or sick, hire an expert animal and wildlife control company. 

Here at Rodent Solutions we adhere to the Florida Animal Trapping Laws as well as the Fish and Wildlife Commissions guidelines.  We will remove the pesky rodents quickly and efficiently while ensuring the safety and integrity of the animal.

Animals such as raccoon, squirrels, opossums, and armadillos can create many problems around your home. When it comes to trapping these animals, it's a fairly simple process.

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