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Nice place

I like this place a lot. Always nice and helpful. Good quality and atmosphere.

Submitted by Crystal on Friday, Apr 08, 2016

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Coral Connection Most Recent Reviews

Best LFS around.

Coral Connection Sarasota is by far the nicest local fish store in the area. Knowledgable friendly staff and a large selection of fish, corals and inverts. If they don't have what your looking for they can get it, so just ask. I feel like a kid in a candy store every time I'm there. It's a little bit of a hike for me but well worth the drive.

Submitted by Jeff on Monday, Apr 11, 2016

The best

If you go anywhere else you're a fool. Don't be a fool!!

Submitted by Erik Fatica on Saturday, Apr 09, 2016

100 percent customer service

James is the best in the business . He is willing to help at any monument. If need anything with this hobby this is the place to go. From expert to beginner they will give the best customer experience around.

Submitted by Derek T on Friday, Apr 08, 2016

New Customer March 2016 after 2 other failed services

Extremely professional operation & staff. Store on smaller side, but very clean, organized, and tanks are always pristine. Fish selection always new and unique even though bigger emphasis is on corals.

Submitted by Diane H on Thursday, Apr 07, 2016

Coral Reef Life Is For Me

I became a coral hobbyist over ten years ago and have been doing business with Coral Connections the whole time. Ray, James, Justin and Richie are very knowledgeable and supportive. They have helped me establish a system that allows me to harvest frags and reinvest my store credits towards maintaining and upgrading my system. In doing so, I have established a 2nd tank to increase my growth. I never dreamed that I would have the success and enjoyment this hobby gives me.

Submitted by Sjott on Wednesday, Apr 06, 2016

My review of CC

CC is s great place to get beautiful sea life for my aquarium. Their fish are in excellent shape and tend to live much longer than the fish from other stores. CC also does all the cleaning and maintenance for my 300 gallon tank, and has guided my through the evolution of my tank to become the beauty it is today. Everyone who comes through my front door can't help but ooh and ahhhhhh over my beautiful fish and corals. Thanks CC.!! Julie Clark-Jones Lakewood Ranch, FL

Submitted by Julie Clark-jones on Wednesday, Apr 06, 2016

100% customer satisfaction

Great selection, Great prices, great service

Submitted by Gb on Wednesday, Apr 06, 2016

Fish and coral

They alway have beautiful corals .. The fish are always supurb . the staff is amazing alway answer any questions I may have ! Always give me the best advice ! Not over priced at all ..

Submitted by Kevin on Wednesday, Apr 06, 2016

Coral Connection has it all!

I have been in the hobby for over 10 years and have been a customer at coral connection since the start. The staff is knowledge and friendly. The prices are very fair and the quality of the merchandise is unmatched.

Submitted by Jack Drew on Wednesday, Apr 06, 2016

#1 shop in Sarasota

Only place in Sarasota for all your saltwater needs. Best selection and prices.

Submitted by David on Wednesday, Apr 06, 2016

Great store

Great store for all your aquarium needs with even better customer support. They have a wealth of knowledge and very friendly.

Submitted by Ryan on Wednesday, Apr 06, 2016

Best place in south sarasota!!!

Love this place, we go here for everything pumps, fish, fish food and all our beautiful coral, great service and very helpful and some awesome owners and employees!!! We have such a bond wit them, it not just another store to me, it's like another home!!!

Submitted by Coral Connection on Wednesday, Apr 06, 2016

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